The Goudies

When This Is Over

Beth Goudie & Sam Goudie - 2020

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When this is over,

the winds are gonna change.

The water's running clearer now,

nothing feels the same,

and I can hear the morning chorus,

so much louder than before.


When this is over,

let's carry so much less.

We've found the things we truly need,

we can leave the rest.

Then, we'll wade into the shallows,

with a light and easy load.

When this is over.


When this is over,

I'll renew my vows.

I've been thinking on what matters,

and so much seems pointless now.

So I will look to the horizon,

like he'll be here anytime,

and may he find me swimming deeply in,

the reason I'm alive.

Far away from any shore,

that would entice me to survive.

When this is over.

When this is over.

© Goudie Works Ltd 2020